Why Art?

The fine arts (performing, music and visual) are part of lives whether we realize it or not.  Tapping into one or all of these arts can be a rewarding experience and add perhaps new meaning to your life.  To be a well rounded person you must appreciate all  the different aspects of science, math, literature and the fine arts.  You don’t have to be good at all of them but you just have to be understanding how they may or may not affect your life.

Art is all around us, in the music we listen to, the clothes, furniture, or cars we have, the TV shows or movies we watch.  These are the fine arts for the most part.  This is not to say we all like the same things but that’s the neat thing about the fine arts, they aren’t exactly the same for everyone, like math might be in solving a problem.

Be aware and enjoy the wonder of the ARTS.

Drawing can make you feel alive.

Bill Lewis says:

Anyone can draw if you are willing to try. You may need to look at some drawing books or take a drawing class. Start simple and work your way up to more complex objects. It can be a life changing experience.
Art is all around us no matter where we look, it’s just you have to learn how to see and discover. The joy of drawing or painting something can make you feel alive. You can draw or paint from nature or man-made things.